What is Drag'N Skin?

Drag’N Skin is a circular woven, tear and acid resistant, high strength polyester-based fabric sleeve that can be applied over any pipe using our proprietary Sleeve Ring (see step one and two below). Our specially designed coupler is then installed near the drag head to secure the sleeve.

Field test and actual on-going pipeline installation have proven Drag’N Skin to be very effective in rocky terrain, under rivers, roads, railways beds, etc. The textile strength of Drag’N Skin has been tested to 18, 750 psi at the University of Alberta Strength of Materials Laboratory. Drag’N Skin has been “field proven” to protect pipe and coating from rock abrasion and gouging – hence preventing external corrosion and eliminating premature replacement of damaged pipe, With on-going issues pertinent to preserving and conserving the environment, our product will assist the oil/gas sector.


Direct Benefits

Environmentally Responsible

  • Eliminates potential rock damage to pipe coating and thus removes the likelihood of external corrosion

Cost Effective

  • Economically attractive
  • Installs in minimal time
  • Eliminates “field decision “as to what to do with damaged coatings

Readily Available

  • Currently available in 3”, 4”, 6 ” and 8" line pipe sizes
  • Other sizes available upon special request

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